I might not do the popular Minimalism Thing like a Millennial; rather I’m a middle-aged mom of two who finally gets it now. I never needed this much stuff! It took a financial hiccup in our lives for me to finally get serious about downsizing the amount of stuff we’ve accumulated for decades.

Oh, sure. I occasionally donated the kids’ old clothes to Goodwill and had a yard sale or two back in the day. But now, after realizing how much time and money (that I wish I had now) we spent on even what’s left, it’s enough to make me pull out my hair weave!

So for the last few months, I’ve been on a mission to reduce this stuff. The goals: a) yes, to live well within our tiny budget by only buying what is necessary and b) to make it easier to pack up and relocate when our next adventure presents itself. We may find ourselves back in California, where my husband’s industry is based, and eventually leave Georgia. With all this stuff around right now, that would be hard to do efficiently.

And though I engage in shopping thrift stores and yard sales, I do so mindfully only purchasing what I need, which turns out not to be all that much.

But the grander goal is this: Move to a smaller place, a right-sized place that will require less cleaning, less room for clutter, and yes, a tiny mortgage. I keep telling myself: “Dream small, Angie. Dream small.”

Decluttering workflow.



A Lighter Load, A Lovely Life

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