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Super Cheap | Beginning of Fall Haul

As y’all know, I am not a big fan of paying full price for clothing. I’d rather spend my resources on memory preservation and experiences (i.e. going to the movies with my favorite family AND buying beautiful metal prints of my favorite photographs).

Back in the day when I realized that I only wear about 20 percent of what’s in my wardrobe, I said to myself, “Girl, why in the WORLD would you spend that much on something that’s just going to be hanging in your closet for years unused? Duh.”

But at the same time, I did need a few tops for fall. I hope the weather will begin to change soon. And honestly, I don’t have tops for cooler temperatures.

The few tops I can still wear for late summer that I regularly sport day after day have grown thread bare. (Ooh. I hope I spelled threadbare correctly. Is that one word or two? Anyway…). So, with still plenty of room in my closet after a huge de-clutter, but not a lot of cash, I headed to one of my favorite thrift stores.

It’s the one where my 85-year-old father-in-law shops only when he needs something and only on the days when everything’s on sale for 25 cents.

That’s right. 25 cents!

So I purchased eight tops today—one for my hubby, one for my teenage son, and the rest for me. Total price before tax was $2.00.

Here’s a video of me showing off one of my tops with someone’s initials on it. Don’t know what the initials are, and I don’t care.

Okay. Gotta go do laundry!

I’ll post more photos of the haul later, and some furnishings I found that I need for my growing photography business.

Stay cheap!